KR Training Instructors

Our instructor staff has a diverse background, including competition shooting, defensive training, martial arts training, military service and law enforcement experience. We are committed to bringing you the best training opportunities in the Central Texas area. Our intention is to provide you with quality training that will increase your knowledge, skill, and attitude about owning, carrying, and shooting firearms safely and competently.

Karl and Penny developed most of the KR Training classes. Karl leads the instructor team, supported by our assistants. Our assistant instructors also teach many of our basic courses. Our adjunct instructors offer the Texas Concealed Handgun License course through their own training businesses, and you can enroll in those courses through KR Training. We also have an ongoing program of hosting special courses taught by some of the top state and national trainers. Our most recent guest instructors are listed below along with links to more information about our instructor team.

Lead Instructors/Owners


John "Hsoi" Daub Tracy Thronburg

Assistant Instructors

Levi Nathan Alonso Robles
Justin Galindo David Tschirhart
Becky Dolgener Eric Victorin
Wiley Swift Zach Greig