Karl Rehn

Position: Instructor/Owner

Teaches: Everything we offer.

NRA Certifications: Training Counselor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Instructor in Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Advanced Pistol,, Muzzleloading Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun, Metallic Cartridge and Shotshell Reloading. NRA Practical Pistol Coach.



Other Certifications: Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor, Simunition Certified 'Confrontational Simulation' Instructor, National Range Officers Institute (NROI) Level II Range Officer, US Practical Shooting Association 'Safe Handgun Competitor' Instructor, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Education (TCOLE) instructor, Rangemaster Master Instructor. Massad Ayoob Group certified Deadly Force Instructor. Glock Armorer. Force Science Certified Analyst. Image Based Decisional Drills instructor. SIG Pistol Mounted Optic (Red Dot) Instructor.

Memberships: NRA (Life), Texas State Rifle Association (Life), US Practical Shooting Association (Life), Steel Challenge Shooting Association (Life), American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association, Single Action Shooting Society, many area gun clubs.

Competition: Karl is a Grand Master in 5 USPSA divisions: Production, Carry Optics, Limited, Limited 10, and Pistol Caliber Carbine.

Training: Firearms courses from Thunder Ranch (Defensive Handgun I), Lethal Force Institute/Ayoob (LFI-I), Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham (Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship, Combative Pistol 1 & 2, Combined Skills, Defensive Shotgun, Firearms Instructor), Practical Shooting Academy/Ron Avery (2 day private course), Ted Bonnet (private training), Chip McCormick (Steel Challenge coaching), Jim Griggs (Level I and I handgun, IPSC Shotgun), InSights Training (Street and Vehicle Tactics, Intensive Handgun Skills, Weapon Effects, Defense Against Weapons), Jerry Miculek (Revolver), Kay Clark-Miculek (Competition Pistol II), Jim Crews/Marksman's Enterprise (Urban Carbine), Wendell Joost (NRA Shotgun and Training Counselor training), Todd Jarrett (Level II IPSC) Leatham/Enos/Wallgren (Area 2 clinic), Max Michel (IPSC and Steel Challenge), Claude Werner (snubnose revolver), Bill Rogers/Rogers Shooting School (pistol & carbine), Ben Stoeger (IPSC pistol), Trip McIngvale (IPSC 3 gun), Kenan Flawoski (FAST 762.com) and others.

Tactics, combatives and martial arts training from Massad Ayoob, InSights Training (Defensive Folding Knife I and II, Unarmed Self Defense, Impact Weapons, Close Quarters Combatives, Wilderness First Aid, Al Qaeda Seminar), OPS/Andy Stanford/Paul Gomez (Dynamic Tactics), Erik Remmen (Level I and II Spyderco course), Tactical Defense Institute/John Benner (Level I Unarmed), Frank Benn (Brazilian jujitsu), John Blankenship (Cha Yon Ryu, Tai Chi), Tony Blauer (SPEAR System Fundmamentals), Southnarc (Extreme Close Quarters Concepts) and others. Medical training from InSights (Wilderness First Aid), Tactical Response (Immediate Action Medical), and Lone Star Medics (Dynamic First Aid, Medicine X-EDC).

Experience/Achievements: IPSC competitor since 1988. Executive VP, Texas CHL Instructor Association (1997), numerous officer positions in local gun clubs in 1990's. Grand Master in IPSC Production and Carry Optics divisions. Master class IPSC competitor in Open, Limited, Limited-10, Revolver and Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions. Master class ranking in SSP and ESP in IDPA. Professional research for DoD on non-lethal weapons including publications and presentations. Top 20 at 2001 Steel Challenge. Limited 10 division winner, 2002 Space City Challenge. Invited speaker, RangeMaster 'Polite Society' Tactical Shooting Conferences 2002-2022. Article in SWAT magazine on Airsoft training, 2003. Ran Airsoft Force on Force Scenarios at Polite Society conferences 2002-2014. Multiple articles published in Concealed Carry magazine, 2010-present.


Karl has over 2700 hours of training from more than 80 of the nation's top schools and national/world level competitors, acquired over more than 30 years as a student, competitor and instructor.

In 2021, he trained with Hock Hockheim (Vehicle Gunfights), Ben Stoeger, Gabe White, John Murphy (FPF Training), Rangemaster (Defensive Shotgun), Lone Star Medics (Medicine X Scenarios), and a variety of trainers at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, the Paul Martin Preparedness Conference, and the Texas Bar Firearms Law seminar. He also was certified as an Image Based Decisional Drills instructor by Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant.

In 2020, he was certified as a pepper spray instructor by Chuck Haggard of Agile Training, earned his Master Instructor rating from Rangemaster, and his Pistol Mounted Optics (red dot) instructor rating from the SIG Academy, and completed another 16 hours of pistol training with Ben Stoeger. He also attended 14 hours of legal training from the Texas Bar Association's firearms law seminar, training in land navigation from Mark Overstreet, and 16 hours of medical training from Lone Star Medics.

In 2019 he passed the Glock Armorer's course, and the Deliberate Speed Pistol and Social Levergun courses taught by First Person Safety (Lee Weems). He attended the 33 hour Force Science Institute certification course, 16 hours of training (Two Person Team Tactics & Vehicle Environment Skills) with John Murphy, a 1 day Defensive Shotgun class with Tom Givens (using a Winchester 1897 shotgun), and the 2 day Intensive Pistol Skills with Tom Givens (shooting DA revolver). He was also a speaker at (and attended) the 2019 Rangemaster Tactical Conference, and completed a Stop The Bleed course and the DHS Search and Rescue in Community Disasters training. He also was certified as an instructor for the Civilian Response to Active Shooter lecture course by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training institute.

In 2018, he was certified as a Practical Pistol Coach by the NRA, and a Deadly Force instructor by the Massad Ayoob Group. He presented at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference in March, and at the NW Regional Tactical Conference in July. He also attended the Texas Bar CLE Firearms Law course, and Gun Owners of America "How To Testify" training in September. In August, he attained the rank of Grand Master in USPSA's Pistol Caliber Carbine division.

In 2017, he trained with Caleb Causey & William Aprill (Unthinkable), Cecil Burch (unarmed/groundfighting), and Massad Ayoob (MAG-20 range), and attended 24 hours of instruction at the 2017 Rangemaster Tactical Conference, where he also presented his Beyond the One Percent talk. Earned Grand Master ratings in Limited and Limited 10 divisions in USPSA. He attended 16 hours of training at the Texas Department of Public Safety academy, getting certified to teach the new DPS-designed School Safety (active shooter) course. In November 2017, he attended 16 hours of training at the Rangemaster Instructor Conference. In December he attended a one day handgun class taught by John Farnam, a one day medical class taught by Caleb Causey, and a one day knife class taught by Chuck Rives.

In 2016, he trained with Ben Stoeger (Competition Pistol), Charles Rives (knife), Leslie Buck (knife), Kathy Jackson (instructor development course), Aaron Marco (carbine), Tom Givens (Advanced Instructor class, top gun award), Greg Hamilton (Street and Vehicle Tactics), and John Johnston/Melody Lauer (Armed Parent Course). He presented the results of the red-dot, iron sights and green laser study at the 2016 Rangemaster Tactical Conference, taught multiple sessions at the 2016 national A Girl and a Gun conference, and attended the Texas Bar Association's Firearms Law course. He also earned the rank of Grand Master in the USPSA Carry Optics division.

In 2015, he trained with Ben Stoeger (Competition Pistol), Craig Douglas (Extreme Close Quarters Combatives), Travis Haley (D5 Handgun), Massad Ayoob (MAG-20 range & classroom), Tom Givens (audited Combative Pistol 1 again), and co-taught a customized "Unthinkable" class with Caleb Causey and William Aprill. He also ran integrated medical/force on force scenarios at the 2015 Rangemaster Tactical Conference with Caleb and William. He also attended the Dynamic First Aid class taught by Lone Star Medics, attended the Shooting with X Ray Vision class taught by Dr. James Williams, and got certified as a Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor.

He also collaborated with Dr. Penny Riggs, and doctoral student Blaise Collins on a sports performance study funded by the Texas A&M Huffines Institute, analyzing shooter performance with iron sights, green laser, and slide mounted red dot sights. That 100 shooter study is in program, with results to be published in late 2015/early 2016.

In 2014, he attended a 3 day class on "Civilian Response to Active Shooter" taught by Paul Howe, a 2 day competition pistol course with Ben Stoeger, the 2 day MAG-20 course with Massad Ayoob, and 16 hours of training from a variety of trainers at the 2014 Polite Society Tactical Conference, as well as presenting two 2-hour sessions.

In 2013, he attended a 2 day competition pistol course taught by IPSC Production Division champion Ben Stoeger, and presented at the 2013 Polite Society Tactical Conference, as a co-presenter with Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics. He also promoted to Master class in USPSA Production Division and was newly classified in A Class in both Revolver and Single Stack divisions. In March he will be attending a 3 day instructor training course taught by Tom Givens of Rangemaster.

In 2012, he attended the Dynamic First Aid and Medicine-X courses by Lone Star Medics, presented at the 2012 Polite Society Tactical Conference, had multiple articles published in Concealed Carry magazine, and coached the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Pistol Team. He was selected as one of the first NRA instructors in the country certified in the NRA's new Advanced Pistol Instructor program. He attended courses in Competition Rifle and Competition Shotgun taught by national 3-gun competitor Trip McIngvale.

In 2011, he was certified as a Training Counselor for the new NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course, placed 2nd overall at the 2011 Polite Society Tactical Conference shooting competition, and attended a 5 hour Low Light Shooting course taught by F.A.S.T. Inc. He also served as a beta-tester for a 40 hour online corrections officer training course, and became a certified Mediator in November 2011.

In 2010, he led the team revising the TEEX Threat and Risk Assessment course, taught multiple Cyber Security classes in Texas, Alabama and California, and received his Certified Training Professional certificate from Texas A&M. He also took level 1 and level 2 snubnose revolver courses from former Rogers Shooting School chief instructor Claude Werner, and was once again an invited presenter at the 2010 Polite Society training conference at the US Shooting Academy. Attended the Immediate Action Medical course taught by Tactical Response. Attended the Intermediate/Advanced handgun and carbine classes at the Rogers school, earning an Advanced rating in carbine.

In 2009, he co-authored the new TEEX Cyber Security Awareness course, developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation, and co-taught multiple sessions of that course in Texas and Louisiana. He was an invited instructor for the 2009 Polite Society training conference, held in Tulsa, OK at the US Shooting Academy, and his force-on-force scenarios were recorded by Michael Bane of the Shooting Gallery show (on the Outdoor Channel) for inclusion in an upcoming episode. He attended a Shoot House Instructor course taught by Singleton International at TEEX, and attended the Black Hat cybersecurity conference. In September 2009 he attended the Combined Skills Course taught by Tom Givens of Rangemaster and Southnarc of Shivworks.

In 2008 he was an invited presenter at the Polite Society Tactical Conference, placing 3nd in the live fire competition, and he attended an AK-47 clinic taught by Paul Gomez. He has also attended the Dept of Homeland Security Incident Management / Unified Command (ICS-300) course, RAMCAP training (vulnerability and risk assessment methodology) and a 1 day tactical driving course. He contributed to the development of the ASTM standard for floating barriers for port security and attended an ASTM meeting in fall 2008. He also led the team that revised the TEEX Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment course, including a full review and approval of the course content from the Dept. of Homeland Security.

In 2007 he was once again an invited presenter at the Polite Society Tactical Conference, placing 2nd in the live fire competition. He placed 9th in the limited division in the 2007 Steel Challenge (World Speed Shooting Championships), trained with U.S. Army shooting team leader (2007 USPSA national champion and Steel Challenge winner) Max Michel, Jr.and was on the range design committee for the Austin Rifle Club.

In 2006 he attended the Combative Pistol 2 course with Tom Givens and John Hearne of Rangemaster, and a 1-day Steel Challenge clinic taught by Max Michel. He also served as a firearms consultant to author James J. Griffin for a series of traditional Westerns about Texas Rangers (available in print or eBook form from iUniverse). He also competed in the 2006 Steel Challenge and attended the TCLEOSE Basic Instructor Training course.

In 2005, he attended the 2 day advanced competition pistol course with U.S. Army shooting team members (and IPSC Grand Masters) Max Michel, Jr. and Travis Tomasie, and taught Airsoft Force on Force instructor classes for Triad Training (Michigan) and Rangemaster (Memphis, TN). He was also a guest speaker at the 2005 Polite Society conference, where his force on force scenarios were videotaped for a segment of the Shooting Gallery show on the Outdoor Network. In May he completed the Extreme Close Quarters Combat level I and II and In Extremis Knife courses with Paul Gomez (Options for Personal Security) and Craig Douglas (Shivworks).

In 2004, he placed 2nd in 'pro class' at the RangeMaster 'Polite Society' Tactical Shooting Conference, placed in the top 10 at several regional IPSC matches, 14th overall at the Area 4 championship. Attended the Defense Against Weapons course from Greg Hamilton of InSights. Attended the Dynamic Tactics course from Andy Stanford and Paul Gomez of OPS. Was 2nd overall and top Master at the Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship. As part of his work with the University of Texas, provided prototype equipment and training to Navy and Coast Guard personnel, collaborated with other DoD and Coast Guard-funded researchers in human testing of experimental non-lethal weapons, and ran the UT component of a multi-laboratory, joint US/UK underwater acoustics research project.

In 2003 he ran force-on-force scenarios at the RangeMaster 'Polite Society' Tactical Shooting Conference, published an article on Airsoft force on force training in SWAT magazine, completed the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship class with Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham, and competed in the 2003 Steel Challenge and other matches. In October he attended the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship course taught by Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham. In November he attended the SPEAR System Fundamentals unarmed self defense seminar taught by Tony Blauer.

In 2002 he attended the Urban Carbine course taught by Jim Crews, and won the Limited 10 division at the Shirley Skinner Classic and Space City Challenge regional IPSC matches. He also attended an advanced level competition shooting course taught by Todd Jarrett, the InSights Wilderness First Aid course, and was an invited speaker at the RangeMaster 'Polite Society' Tactical Shooting Conference.

Personal: Karl is a full time firearms trainer and professional musician, teaching firearms classes 40+ weeks a year and performing more than 100 shows annually.

In 2016 he retired from 33 years of employment with the state of Texas. Karl has a master's degree in electrical engineering and spent 24 years as an engineer and engineering manager at a University of Texas research lab, working on DoD and DHS funded R&D programs related to underwater acoustics, non lethal weapons, and physical security. After a move to College Station (Penny got a faculty job at Texas A&M), Karl worked for the Texas Engineering Extension Service as a training manager. As part of their Public Safety and Security division, he developed curriculum, taught courses and supervised instructors delivering DHS-funded homeland security courses to city and county emergency responders all over the U.S.

He is also a musician who has been performing regularly in the Central Texas area since 1982. He plays keyboards with multiple bands in the Central Texas area. More about his music, including online MP3 files of original compositions and live recordings from various bands can be found here. His most current CD release is "Better Listen To It", released June 2013, with the band Midnight Express. In 2007 he released "Respectable" - a 10 song collection of original blues and R&B songs featuring members of Java Jazz, UnderCover, the Fabulous GTOs, Duck Soup and local gospel singer Aaron Roughton. "Respectable" and other original CDs (Better Listen To It, Lost In Time, and "et. al") are now available on iTunes, emusic, spotify, pandora, and other online music sites.

He has many videos of performances on his youtube channel.

Karl Rehn Music banner

He and Penny design and maintain the KR Training website, are remodeling their house in Bryan, and raise hay and cattle on the A-Zone range property, operating as the Box A Ranch. Occasionally he sleeps.