Schedule of Classes


Sept 17, 6p-9p
Sept 21, 8-12
$100 - 2 slots left
Sept 21, 1-5
$100 - SOLD OUT
Sept 28, 8a-12p
$100 - SOLD OUT
Sept 28, 1p-5p
Sept 29, 9a-12
Sept 29, 12-5
October 4 & 5
$200 - SOLD OUT
October 5, 8a-12
$100- SOLD OUT
October 5, 1p-5p
$125- SOLD OUT
October 5, 6p-9p
$100 - SOLD OUT
October 6, 12-5
$120 - 1 slot left
October 6, 6p-9p
$60- 1 slot left
Oct 11, 9-3
Oct 12, 8-6 pm
Oct 13-14
October 19-20
$460- SOLD OUT
Oct 26, 2019
Watkinsville, Georgia
Oct 27, 2019
Watkinsville, Georgia
$200 - SOLD OUT
Nov 7-8, 2019
Lubbock, Texas
Dec 7, 2019, 9-5
Dyn. First Aid refresher/Low Light Medical combo
Dec 7, 2019, 1p-8p
Low Light Medical
Dec 7, 2019, 6p-8p
Dec 8, 2019
TDR Training (Bandera, TX)

OC spray/less-lethal weapons for non LE Instructor Course

Friday Jan 3 2020

OC spray/less-lethal weapons for non LE

Saturday Jan 4, 2020
Jan 11-12, 2020
DPS-2, AT-2, Low Light Shooting
staff + John Murphy
Saturday March 7, 2020
John Murphy class TBA
John Murphy
Sunday March 8, 2020
Weapon Disarm/Retention
Marty Hayes
March 21-22
A-Zone Range
March 27-29
Dallas Pistol Club
Defensive Shotgun
Friday April 3, 2020
Combative Pistol
April 4-5, 2020
Rangemaster Instructor Reunion
Sept 5-6



Many of our courses are now available in a private lesson format on weekdays. Contact us for more information about this option.


Packages of multiple short courses can be combined to make 1 or 2 day programs that can be offered at your facility, including School/Church Safety, Historical Handgun, defensive and competition pistol training, NRA instructor training, Force and Force instructor training, scenario based force on force courses, and most of the courses in our catalog.



The simplest way to get your Texas License to Carry (LTC) permit is this:

1) Apply for the permit on website

2) Complete the classroom material by taking an online course.
KR Training is affiliated with the Point Blank CHL online course.
If you register for LTC with us, we will give you a discount code for the online class.

3) Attend a Basic Pistol 2, Defensive Pistol Skills 1, or other handgun course with us.
If you have registered with us for LTC training, we will run you through the LTC qualification shooting test during or after the regularly scheduled course.

4) If you are wanting to get your carry permit and you have no prior experience or training with handguns, we strongly recommend that you attend our Basic Pistol 1 class. Our Gun Selection and the NRA's Basic Pistol online courses are also recommended.

We will continue to offer occasional in-person LTC courses (check our schedule), and private weekday training is also available for both the full in-person course and the 2 hour minimum range completion training for the online course.

KR Training offers License to Carry courses from multiple instructors all over Central Texas, including the Austin, Giddings, Bastrop, and Bryan/College Station area. Some classes will be listed in our schedule, others will be offered through our affiliate instructors. Private weekday classes with Karl are also available.

Looking for a LTC class in the Bryan area? We recommend Dave Burdett @ Burdett and Sons (979) 695-2807. Their LTC classes are typically on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of each month.

Also recommended in the Bryan area: BCS Concealed Carry

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Looking for a Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Safety course? The list of available TPWD courses is online here. You can also check the Texas Parks and Wildlife website class listing. We are now certified to teach the Hunter Education course.


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