The shu-to logo

One of our Japanese students noticed that the word shu-to, which roughly translates to "prepared mind," described our training philosophy and sounded a lot like the English word "shooter." He thought this made a great multi-cultural pun and shared it with us.

Many have observed that the study of defensive shooting should be considered a martial art, and traditional martial arts schools often have logos in Japanese or Chinese. We've been told that the Kanji represents a Chinese word that is also similar to the concept of "prepared mind."  We added the two red triangles to the Kanji to symbolize mind and body, and the importance of training both. The two arrows point to the center (center mass), and also represent the upper and lower A-zones of an IPSC or IDPA target.

shu-to logo

The shu-to can be found on KR Training instructor shirts, shooting team shirts, and on logo wear available from our Cafe Press store.