Greg Howard

Position: Senior Assistant Instructor

Assists with: all courses

NRA Certifications: Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Range Safety Officer, Personal Protection Outside the Home

Other Certifications: Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor, National Range Officers Institute (NROI) Level 1 Range Officer, Glock Certified Armorer, Basic Peace Officer (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education), Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor (Complete Combatant), Rangemaster Certified Shotgun Instructor.


Memberships: NRA (Life), US Practical Shooting Association, Austin Rifle Club

Training: Defensive Shotgun Instructor (Rangemaster) Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor (The Complete Combatant) Defensive Revolver (Rangemaster) Defensive Shotgun (Rangemaster) Handgun Coach Development (KR Training) Pistol Shooting Solutions (Gabe White) Medicine-X EDC (Lone Star Medics)FoF Instructor - KR Training, Historical Handgun - KRT, Street and Vehicle Tactics - Insights, Advanced Firearms Instructor Development - Rangemaster, Shooting with XRAY Vision - Tactical Anatomy, MAG-40 Massad Ayoob, Deadly Force Instructor - Massad Ayoob, Tactical Rifle Operator - CSAT, Defensive Knife - Chuck Rives, Texas Concealed Handgun License, Multiple KR Training courses, Tom Givens / Rangemaster – Combative Pistol, Lone Star Medics – Dynamic First Aid, Texas Hunter Education, Black Belt – Tang Soo Do. Paul Howe - CSAT - Civilian Response to Active Shooter Massad Ayoob - MAG-20 Classroom, MAG-20 range, Rangemaster Instructor Development Workshop (Tom Givens), all courses in the KR Training program.

Experience/Achievements: former Deputy, Travis County Sheriff's Office.


Personal: Greg is married with kids and works for a major tech company as a systems / software engineer.




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