Texas Concealed Handgun License Classes

KR Training has been involved with the Texas CHL program since its inception in September 1995. Karl and Penny were in the first CHL instructor course DPS ran, and Tom Schaefer was in the 2nd course. We have been teaching CHL classes since the first day it was legal to offer them. We have trained thousands of permit holders. Most of our assistant instructors including Karl Rehn, Penny Riggs, John Kochan, Dwight Daniel and Tom Hogel are also certified to teach the CHL course.

Student information can be found here.

The classroom portion will take 4-6 hours and will cover the Texas Penal Code, the CHL law, conflict resolution and safe storage of firearms. Limited class time is allocated to teach basic shooting skills. If you believe that you cannot pass the shooting test (below) with a 70% or greater score, let us know when you enroll in the CHL course. We will be happy to schedule an additional range session with you prior to your range qualification to work on your shooting skills. If you have very limited experience with firearms and are considering applying for a permit, you should enroll in one of our basic handgun courses.

For a new permit: We can provide you with all the necessary application paperwork on class day. You can also start the application process online, by visiting the DPS website. Before returning your CHL application to DPS you must successfully complete a Handgun Proficiency Course which will include a written and a shooting test.


To apply for a CHL, you must be:

  • a legal resident of Texas for at least 6 months
  • 21 years of age and legally able to buy a handgun under the Brady Act
  • not adjudicated chemically dependent or of unsound mind
  • not ever convicted of a felony and not convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor within the past 5 years
  • not subject to a restraining or protective order
  • not delinquent in payment of taxes, child support, or other money collected by the state

Reciprocity: The Texas CHL is recognized in many states. The most up to date list is here.