Texas Concealed Handgun License Classes

Our Texas Concealed Handgun License classes are held at the Schaefer Training Academy, which is south of the Austin Bergstrom Airport. Driving to the range from central Austin takes 45-60 minutes, depending on traffic. Click here for a map to the Schaefer Academy.

Class will be held rain or shine. The majority of the class (6+ hours) will be indoors; the range portion takes less than an hour to complete.  Wear shoes appropriate for being outdoors.

Balance of any tuition owed is due on class day. Cash or check only (payable to Schaefer Training Academy), no credit cards. Paypal transactions must be completed by noon Friday.

Bring your handgun, a minimum of 50 rounds of name-brand factory ammunition (we recommend 100 rounds), eye and ear protection. We recommend a baseball cap to deflect brass, spare magazines (3-4 are useful), a belt holster (or some way to carry your pistol to the firing line without having it "loose" in your hand), and extra ammunition.

Tom's facility is a private training range, not a commercial range. He does not have ammunition for sale.  Rental guns must be arranged in advance with Tom and cost $10. Bring 9mm factory ammo if you are using a rental gun. Our supply of loaner eye and ear protection is limited: if you are getting a carry permit you should own your own safety gear since you should use it every time you practice with your carry gun.

Firearms safety rules will be strictly enforced during the range portion of the class. Always keep your muzzle in a safe direction and always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

"Wolf", "Blazer" and other ammunition that does not have brass cases are not allowed on our range.

Our CHL class does not include any instruction in the fundamentals of pistol shooting.  If you do not pass the shooting test on the first try, state law allows you two additional tries.  Whether those additional attempts can be made on the same day is at Tom's discretion.  If you do not pass after two attempts, we recommend our "Basic Pistol 1" or "Basic Pistol 2" classes which includes several hours of pistol coaching.  We also offer many different 1/2 and 1 day shooting courses that teach the essential defensive handgun skills not covered or tested in the CHL course: drawing from concealment, shooting at night, shooting while moving and more.

Please do not be late. Driving time to Tom's facility from the Austin/Bergstrom Airport is approximately 30 minutes, mostly down rural roads. The map is on our website. The gate will be open by 7:30.

Here is a PDF file with driving directions and photos of key landmarks along the way. 

Lunch will be served onsite as part of class. We recommend that you bring whatever sodas, snacks, etc. that you might want during the day.  State law requires us to take a minimum of 10 hours to complete the course.

If you need more information, email me or call Tom Schaefer at 512-785-4800. If you get lost on class day, call Tom's number and he can guide you to the range.

If you do not plan to attend the course, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can pass that information to Tom prior to class day.
Students must contact us in advance if you plan to reschedule.  If you contact us to reschedule within 3 days of class day there is a $25 charge. With more than 3 days advance notice there is no charge to reschedule.
Students that register and fail to show up (do not contact us prior to class day) forfeit the entire payment.