Advanced Training 3: One Handed Techniques

Course Description: A defensive shooting course focusing on one handed and wounded shooter drills.

NOTE: This course is has been "retired" from our rotating list of courses. Most of the material from this course was incorporated into the newer 5 hour Defensive Pistol Skills 2 class.

Topics: basic one handed unsupported shooting, drawing and reloading one-handed, one-handed malfunction clearing, shooting from the ground, upside down and in awkward positions

Length: three hours

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Prerequisites: AT-1 and Texas CHL or instructor approval required.

Required Equipment: A centerfire handgun, belt holster, a minimum of 2 spare magazines or speedloaders, magazine/speedloader carriers, eye and ear protection, a baseball cap (to deflect spent brass and keep the sun out of your eyes) and a minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition.

Optional Equipment: See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by: Karl Rehn

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: Here are photos from the most recent AT-III class.