Personal Tactics Skills

Course Description: An introduction to fundamental concepts of personal tactics for home, workplace, and "in public" situations, taught primarily through scenario based roleplaying exercises using non-firing "red guns".

In the License to Carry course, students were taught via lecture, what actions can be defended and justified under Texas law. In this course, students will interact with roleplayers, learning and practicing the tactics best suited for the most common personal defense situations.

There is more to self defense training than simply having a gun or being skilled at shooting. If you study actual incidents in which armed citizens have made errors that landed them in court or jail, those errors were failures of tactics; failures in communication; failures to have a plan to deal with a likely situation before it occurred. Scenario based roleplaying is the best way to learn what tactics actually work, to experience what a real situation will be like, and to rehearse the actions you should take to win both the physical fight and the legal aftermath.

The course has been expanded to include instruction in the use of pepper spray, including exercises using inert pepper spray units.

We have also added material from the Image Based Decisional Drills program, which develops students' skills to make quick decisions in reaction to self-defense and medical incidents.

Topics: pre-fight cues, time and distance factors, home defense tactics, workplace defense tactics, "in public" defense tactics, communication with bystanders and responders.

Length: four hours

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Prerequisites: None.

Required Equipment: None.

Optional Equipment: Non-firing "red gun" OR training barrel for your defensive pistol. Concealed carry holster and cover garment. See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by: Karl Rehn

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: This course is a short preview of the material covered in more detail in the AT-2 and AT-5 courses, which are taught using Airsoft guns as well as non-firing "red guns".

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