Gun Selection Clinic

Course Description: This course is intended to teach students enough that they can make a better informed decision about handgun selection. It includes discussion of pros and cons of caliber, gun size, gun fit, ease of carry, and other factors relevant to selection of a handgun for personal defense. The course includes the opportunity to test fire many different guns. Limited instruction in shooting skills is included. The NRA online basic pistol course and our Basic Pistol 1 class are recommended as pre-requisite training for those just getting started in handgun shooting. This course is NOT a lower cost substitute for those more fundamental courses.

Topics: basic safety, gun parts and operation, and fundamentals of marksmanship.

Length: two hours

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Prerequisites: none

Required Equipment: We will provide a variety of handguns and 50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection. Students will have the opportunity to try several different makes/models/calibers as part of the course. Students should also bring a baseball cap (to deflect spent brass), pen and paper.

Optional Equipment: none

Taught by: Karl Rehn, Penny Riggs, or other staff NRA certified instructor

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: Staff instructors are also available to teach this course privately to adults and juniors. Juniors must have a responsible parent or guardian present at all times during the course, and parents/guardians who have not had previous formal firearms training (military, police, NRA, etc.) are required to take the course along with their junior(s). We can teach this course at almost any public or private range in a single block or in segments. Costs, times and locations for private instruction will vary based on location, schedule, number of students and instructor availability.

Here are some photos from previous courses. In 2017 we re-designed our Basic Pistol 1 class to cover gun selection as a separate course. The current version of Basic Pistol 1 is the live fire component of the NRA online basic pistol course, and can also be taken as a standalone class.

Trying to decide what kind of pistol to buy? Read our Handgun Selection Guide.

Class After-Action Reports: