Force-on-Force Instructor

Course Description: This course trains instructors to design and safely run force-on-force training using training projectile weapons (Airsoft, Simunition, UTM, etc.).

Topics: Force-on-force training concepts, safety issues, equipment, developing roleplaying skills, scenario design and evaluation, use of training projectile guns for marksmanship training, integration of training guns with unarmed force-on-force training.

Length: 12 hours (4 hours classroom training + 4 hours of scenarios)

Prerequisites: Any or all of the following: NRA, Texas CHL or other instructor certification. Prior force-on-force training experience and defensive handgun training. Texas CHL or other state concealed handgun license. Others admiited to course based on instructor assessment (email training history).

Required Equipment: none.

Optional Equipment: A holster suitable for a Glock or 1911 handgun is useful. If you own your own Airsoft, UTM, Simunition or other FOF gun(s) or safety gear, bring it. See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by: Karl Rehn

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: This course is intended to teach pistol shooters and pistol instructors how to design and safely run Airsoft-based force-on-force training events similar to KR Training classes AT-2 and AT-5. For the 2017 session, both AT-2 and AT-5 will be held on the days immediately following the FOF instructor course. Course attendees are strongly encouraged to attend both the AT-2 and AT-5 courses as part of a more complete instructor development experience.