This newsletter is the January/February newsletter because the political situation and other issues were changing rapidly in January. There is a lot of content in this longer-than-usual newsletter. There was so much information that there is a second page of links to relevant articles.


Almost every class on our schedule through early May is sold out. Thanks for your support of our training program!

Check our schedule page for a listing of courses that still have slots open between now and the NRA convention the 1st weekend of May.


I am still working on our schedule for May-August 2013. I have many requests and am trying to work them all in. Traveling instructors and special courses we are considering for summer and fall 2013:

If you are interested in any of these courses, please let me know.


Ammunition is almost impossible to find. If you are registered for any class between now and May, I strongly recommend that you make sure you have sufficient ammunition on hand for the course, or start shopping for that ammo now, because the likelihood that you'll be able to run out to the store and buy what you need the night before class day is basically zero. I have no secret sources for ammo and have no significant quantities of ammo on hand to sell, loan or give to students.

This new website claims to have information on which online retailers have ammo in stock.


Since our last newsletter, the school shooting at Sandy Hook, CT, and the media and political reaction to it have resulted in all of the following significant events:


Billionaire Michael Bloomberg (founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, whose members have committed multiple felony crimes) will end his term as NY mayor in 2013, and he has pledged to devote all his resources to 'breaking the NRA'. His money was used to launch a blitz of advertising that drove a pro-gun Democrat out of an important race in Illinois. The anti-gun wing of the Democratic Party is exploiting every option in the most serious political 'push' in 20 years. The future of gun rights in America is at stake.

These are the organizations that are fighting for your rights in the state capitol, inside the Beltway and in the courts. They are the reason we have concealed carry in Texas; the reason the 1994 assault weapon and magazine ban expired in 2004, restoring our standard capacity magazines and AR-15s; the reason we won the McDonald and Heller cases in the Supreme Court, finally getting a SCOTUS decision that clearly states that the 2nd amendment is an individual right.

Use the Ruger website to send a form letter to your representatives.

This is not the year to refuse to be an NRA or TSRA member because you "don't agree with what they stand for" on minor nuances or because you object to their junk mail. They are the strongest, best funded, most likely to succeed lobbying voices we have. If you do not join and support them as they speak for you to those that make the laws, you are essentially getting a 'free ride' on the backs and out of the wallets of those of us who have contributed to them in the past.

Take a non-shooter to the range. There's no shortage of statistical data and logical arguments supporting the pro-gun position, but often the best way to get someone that is neutral or negative about guns to consider new information is to provide them an actual experience shooting and handling a real gun.

More ideas on "what to do" from KR Training assistant instructors John Daub and Paul Martin.

The Truth About Guns blog is promoting March 9th as "Take a Newbie Shooting" day. They will be running an event at Best of the West range near Austin.


Thanks to multiple "special classifier matches" held in December at the Bullet Hole and Austin Rifle Club, Karl moved up to Master class in USPSA Production Division (was already Master class in Open, Limited, and Limited 10 divisions), and is now ranked in "A" class in Revolver and Single Stack. In February, KR Training team shooter Dave Reichek promoted to Master class in IDPA in the Stock Service Pistol division and won another local IDPA carbine/pistol match.

Karl and Penny assisted the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Team in running a Scholastic Pistol regional match in College Station on February 2. The TAMU team won the match. KR Training, along with the Texas A&M Department of Animal Science, also co-sponsored two teams of junior shooters from the Dripping Springs 4-H Club.

The New York Times recently ran a long article about junior shooting programs such as Scholastic Pistol, presenting them in a negative way, as part of their general opposition to gun ownership in all forms.


From assistant instructor John Kochan: for sale - IPSC/Steel Open Gun. Tripp research (STI) frame, Caspian hybrid with Titanium comp for IPSC Major, also second top end setup for Minor Steel loads, 2nd top end does not have dot sight any more. Includes 3X 140mm Mags and 1X 170mm Mag w/Dawson basepads. 1000 Pieces Remington 38 Super +P brand new brass and another ~1000 pieces of fired brass. Dillon seat and crimp dies as well. $2K takes all. Located in Central Texas, prefer face to face transfer with you having a CHL. If it has to be shipped, buyer pays FFL and shipping fees. Contact John for more information.


The NRA's annual convention will be in Houston May 3-5. Many of the KR Training crew will be there for one or more days. NRA is looking for volunteers to work the air gun range and other parts of the convention. Volunteers get credit for merchandise from the NRA store, a pin and a hat. Here's the link for those interested in volunteering.

More blog posts and interesting links on page 2


Remember: A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again.

2013 will be an important year in the history of gun rights, nationally as well as at the state level.

We look forward to seeing all of you in a class sometime in 2013!

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew