The latest schedule is here. We've added a bunch of classes to the schedule, including:

Those are in addition to the classes already planned. The full schedule can be found here.

MASSAD AYOOB MAG-20 - March 8-9, $450

We will be hosting Massad Ayoob in March, for his 20 hour MAG-20 classroom course. It will be held at the Norris Conference Center at Northcross Mall. There are still slots open.


3 KR Training instructors recently attended Paul Howe's "Civilian Response to Active Shooter" course. The AAR is posted to the KR Training blog site. Paul is teaching the class again in August 2014 at his facility in Nacogdoches.

Penny assisted the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Team by working, as a range officer for the Southwest Winter Regional Scholastic Pistol match, held in College Station. Karl and Penny are assistant coaches for the team, who won the match.

Karl, Leslie Buck, Ed Vinyard and Dave Reichek attended the 2014 Polite Society conference. Karl taught sessions on handgun performance and human factors; Leslie presented on designing a seamless training program. Dave, who was last year's winner, placed 4th overall, Karl finished 15th. Dave also performed well in a force on force session run by Southnarc. Dave's AAR of that session, with video, has been discussed on multiple forms such as, Total Protection Interactive (Southnarc's forum) and other sites.

Greg Ellifritz wrote a longer AAR covering multiple sessions.

Our next Force on Force course is AT-2 on April 26th.

Karl and Penny will be presenting multiple sessions at the 2014 "A Girl and a Gun" conference in Waco, March 20-23. Slots are still open in the conference, which will include classroom and range training events.

Caleb Causey's Lone Star Medics is hosting the 1st annual Field Medicine Conference in Dallas, March 29-30, with session tracks for professional medics and laypeople. Like the "Polite Society" and "Girl and a Gun" conference, this conference is yet another great training opportunity to learn from multiple national level instructors over a busy weekend.

The Temple Gun Club will be hosting a one (long) day USPSA Range Officer course on April 26. Register here. Registration closes April 12.


Leslie will be offering several unarmed and knife classes over the next few months, at his facility near Burnet and 183 in Austin, including:

Leslie is also a shooter, CHL holder, NRA Instructor, graduate of KR Training, and guest instructor at the last 2 Polite Society conferences. His short courses are an excellent way to add some non-firearm skills to your self-defense toolbox. For more information click here.


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We look forward to training you in 2014!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew