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August 30 - Long Gun and Pistol Skills Tuneup
Defensive Long Gun Essentials + Skill Builder - take both for $100 or one for $70

Sept 13 - Got your CHL? These are the next step
Defensive Pistol Essentials + Defensive Pistol Skills 1 - take both for $120 or one for $70

Sept 27 - Learn to shoot like the pros. Shoot a sample match to try IPSC, Steel and IDPA.
Beyond the Basics
+ Competition Pistol 1 - take both for $120 or one for $70

October 4 - Get Started Shooting. Pistol and Rifle (or Shotgun) training all in one day
Basic Pistol 1 + Defensive Long Gun Essentials - take both for $120 or one for $70

October 25 - Every armed citizen should train to this level. Our most important courses.
Defensive Pistol Skills 2 + AT-2 Force on Force + Low Light Shooting - all 3 for $180

Already taken these but haven't practiced the skills in awhile?
REFRESHER DISCOUNT: repeat any individual course you've taken before for $20 off.

Many courses will use the new shoot house and include shooting from a (stationary) vehicle.
We are bringing some 'range cars' out for the Vehicle Combatives class in September, and we'll use them in some drills in our own classes this fall.

Students must register and pay tuition in full before Sept 1 to get these discounts.


The latest schedule is here. The fall courses taught by guest instrutors are sold out with long wait lists.
We are already taking registrations for 2015 guest instructor classes.


Karl Rehn and Tim Meyers earned Grand Master rankings in USPSA Production Division. Roy Stedman earned a Grand Master ranking in USPSA Limited, and Dave Reichek was promoted to Master in USPSA Production. Tina Maldonado was named to the "A Girl and a Gun" IDPA Nationals team. Team members will be competing in the USPSA Area 4 championship, IDPA Nationals and IPSC World Shoot in the coming months.


STUFF FROM HSOI (blog highlights)

We look forward to training you this fall!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew