Great American Gunfights

Course Description:

This course examines two of the most significant law enforcement gunfights of the twentieth century - the Newhall Massacre and the FBI-Miami Firefight. Featuring a Powerpoint presentation with original  crime scene photos, lengthy Powerpoint animations, video clips, forensic psychological analysis, and  an extensive tactical analysis, the students will develop a comprehensive understanding of these  events. The training implication of these lessons will also be addressed. 

The second part of this lecture provides an in-depth examination of three major studies the FBI has completed over a fifteen year period.  These studies used the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit (aka Profilers) to understand violent criminals and the cops who are assaulted and murdered by them.  What emerges is how bad the bad guys really are, something under appreciated by most people.  The studies also address a variety of topics including weapon selection by violent offenders and their training with the weapons.  Finally, the most recent study provides an important model for understanding and winning violent confrontations.  


Length: 7 hours

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Prerequisites: None.

Required Equipment: None.

Optional Equipment: None

Taught by: John Hearne (Rangemaster)

Facility: A-Zone Range

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