Tactics-Based Land Navigation Part 2 Classroom and Field Exercises

Course Description – This course builds upon Tactics-Based Land Navigation, Part I, by going into detail about the use of GPS satellite data receivers and understanding topographical features on a map, and applying the knowledge acquired in Part I in daytime and nighttime navigational field exercises on the KR Training property. Pace counts will be developed before the daytime field exercise. The nighttime field exercise will be preceded by familiarization with night vision and thermal imagery equipment.

Length – Five hours

Prerequisites – Tactics-Based Land Navigation, Part 1 (Three hours, offered immediately before this course.)

Required equipment – Proper shoes/boots and clothing for walking in rural terrain. No short-sleeve shirts or short pants during the field exercises. Wet and/or cold weather clothing as necessary (check the forecast, but remember the weatherman can be wrong). Insect repellent to spray on clothing. Reliable flashlight (preferably one that can be set to a very dim brightness) or headlamp with fully-charged batteries.

Optional equipment – Compasses will be provided, but bring any you have. If you have an emergency whistle, bring it.

Taught by – Mark Overstreet, U.S. Army Reserve, Ret.