Basic Pistol 1
May 9, 2009, 9a-12p
A-Zone Range
.22 handgun clinic
May 9, 2009, 1p-4p
A-Zone Range
Basic Pistol 2
June 6, 2009, 9a-1p
A-Zone Range




Demand for our basic level classes continues to be very strong, as both Basic Pistol 1 sessions and the Women on Target event in April have sold out. We've added additional sessions of Basic Pistol 1 and 2 in May and June. We are offering a special .22 caliber-only clinic on May 9. The .22 clinic will focus on trigger control. It's highly recommended for those that have problems with yanking/jerking/low-left misses. A limited number of .22 loaner guns will be available. Loaner guns must be arranged prior to class day.

Defensive Pistol Skills
May 16, 2009, 9a-12p
A-Zone Range
Competition Pistol
May 16, 2009, 1a-5p
A-Zone Range



On May 16 we are running a pair of courses that can be taken together (or separately). Defensive Pistol Skills covers the essentials of close range gunfighting: drawing from concealment and shooting with realistic speed and accuracy. The Competition Pistol course introduces students to IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol and other styles of handgun competition through drills and sample stages.

NRA Instructor Training
May 29-31, 2009
A-Zone Range
Airsoft Force on Force Instructor Training
June 27-28, 2009
A-Zone Range
Airsoft Instructor FoF Scenarios
June 28, 2009, 1p-5p
A-Zone Range





We'll be offering another 3 day block of NRA instructor training in May. The first day (Friday) will cover the basic instructor training and Home Firearm Safety instructor training. We will cover Pistol instructor on Saturday and Rifle instructor on Sunday for those that are Home Firearm Safety instructors. The Airsoft "force on force" (FoF) instructor course is scheduled for June 27-28. During the course, Airsoft FoF instructor trainees will design scenarios and learn how to conduct FoF training. On Sunday, June 28th, the instructor trainees will run a short course that will be open to a limited set of students. This will provide students a low cost opportunity for scenario training similar to AT-2 and provide instructor trainees an opportunity to practice their teaching skills with supervision.


Several KR Training instructors (Karl, Tom Hogel, Justin Galindo and Dwight Daniel) will be attending the 2009 Polite Society Conference the last weekend of April. This event will be held in Tulsa, OK at the US Shooting Academy. The PS Conference is the premier private sector training event of the year, with dozens of national level trainers and their students participating in a live fire match, clinics, lectures and force on force scenarios. The KR Training team will run parking lot-oriented force on force scenarios this year. A crew from the Shooting Gallery TV show will be documenting the conference for a future episode of the show. A report on last year's conference was published in Gun World magazine.


A KR Training student has some farm equipment and guns from a private collection for sale. The list with prices is here. Prices are firm. Anyone interested in these guns should email me at and I will pass the information to the seller, who will follow up.


[from ARC] The ARC board has voted 10 to 0 to present the proposal for building 5 action bays and one education/CHL bay at a SPECIAL meeting to be held Saturday, May 2. Please arrive promptly by 9am and the meeting will last to around 12 noon. It is very important that as many ARC members as possible attend as our bylaws require 10% of the members to be present and then 2/3 must vote in favor of the project (10% currently means 96 full members)

[From Karl] This vote is extremely important to those interested in being able to practice realistic handgun skills in the Austin area. If ARC builds these bays this will create a facility where defensive pistol practice and defensive pistol competition will be accessible. There is opposition to this project within ARC, so it is important to attend this meeting and vote to support this proposal.


On Wednesday afternoon, April 8th, the House Committee on Public Safety voted out HB 1893, TSRA-backed legislation sponsored by Rep. Joe Driver (R) Garland that would allow Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves on college and university campuses, by a 5-3 vote.

The committee agreed that adult students, faculty and staff who are 21 or older, who have passed extensive background checks, who have completed firearms training courses and who have been issued a concealed handgun license by the State of Texas should be able to protect themselves in campus settings just like they are legally able to do almost anywhere else in the state.  The right to personal protection should not be denied to a licensee just because he or she studies, works or lives on a college or university campus. HB 1893 next moves to House Calendars Committee to be set for debate on the House floor.

Please go to and click on the HB 1893 line. If your State Representative is a committee member and/or a co-author on HB 1893, take a minute and call or  send email to thank them for supporting this important legislation.


NRA Muzzleloading Rifle Instructor course:

To attend, you must already be certified as an NRA Instructor. Classroom on May 30- at Texas Parks and Wildlife Training Room Shooting and cleaning will be on May 31 at the range.Some folks wishing to 'pre-qualify' on their practical can attend the CAC/NRA shoot on April 25th for hands on training, qualifying and fun shooting and, best of all - cleaning the ML guns! The price of the course will be $75.00. -- Bill Agnell 345-4699 hm 377-0586 wk 484-3268 cell

Paul Gomez Intro To Defensive Pistol 24 May 09 At The Farm (Smithville, TX)

This is for those that have never had a formal firearms training course. “You don't know what you don't know” An Introduction to Defensive Pistol/ Defensive Pistol 101 The purpose of this course is provide a foundation on which to build your personal defensive profile. It will offer a framework to organize and support your ongoing development in this field, if you choose to go forward with additional training. The student will leave with an understanding of the role of the handgun and a grasp of the Mindset, Tactics, Skill and Gear necessary to address the problem of violent, interpersonal, aggression. This is an outstanding course for those people in our lives who are not necessarily 'into training' but recognize the need for developing some degree of comfort with the gun. Topics covered include: The Universal Gun Handling Rules and how they apply to firearms safety in the Real World, Demystifying the Gun, Legal Aspects of Using Force, Self Defense Fundamentals, Confrontation Management, Combat Marksmanship and Core Concepts of Gun Handling.

Each student will need a handgun, spare magazine or appropriate ammunition device, holster that covers the trigger guard, eye & ear protection, 300 rounds of ammunition. Please bring any defensive devices normally carried, ie Pepper Spray, Folding Knife, etc Cost for CTTG is $150 per person Russ Kellar C 512-914-0915.

Louis Awerbuck Tactical Shotgun, June 12th, 13th and 14th @ The Farm

A description of the course from Awerbuck's website: Tactical Shotgun - Stage I As with the Stage I Handgun, this course is designed to create reflexive gunhandling, competent marksmanship and tactical thinking. In addition it places strong emphasis on learning what the shotgun will, and most particularly WILL NOT, do. The importance of patterning the shotgun properly is discussed at length. The course also covers ammunition selection, loading and unloading, reloading and ammunition selection while involved in a shooting scenario, shooting from several ready positions and various tactical body positions, dim-light and flashlight shooting, shooting on the move, moving targets, multiple targets and weapon retention. Transition to a pistol is covered for those clients who have taken prior pistol training. Ammunition requirement is 400 Birdshot, 50 Buckshot and 70 Slugs. Fifty (50) rounds of Pistol ammunition is required if the client wishes to participate in the Shotgun/Pistol transition portion of the course. Cost is 550.00 for three days. Email for registration info or contact Russ Kellar C 512-914-0915.


This website offers a free one-year trial membership to the NRA
Every gun owner should be an NRA member.


Here is a recent incident report from instructor John Farnam. Two permit holders, including one who was a retired Special Forces soldier, were beaten to death while jogging. Lesson: carry your gun.


From the Volokh Conspiracy forum:

Who Are the Murderers (and Voluntary Manslaughterers)? Are they mostly ordinary folks like you and me who just snap? Or are they disproportionately likely to have criminal records? The intentional homicide line in Justice Department's Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2004 (a sample that is representative of the large urban counties that account for roughly half of the nation's violent crimes) shows:

83% had a prior adult arrest (compared to likely 25% or so of the adult U.S. population).
76% had two or more prior adult arrests.
55% had five or more prior adult arrests.
65% had a prior adult conviction.
44% had a prior adult felony conviction (compared to about 7.5% of the adult U.S. population, see Christopher Uggen et al., Citizenship, Democracy, and the Civic Reintegration of Criminal Offenders, 605 Annals Am. Acad. Pol. & Soc. Sci. 281, 288 (2006)). This does not include "arrests or convictions that occurred while the defendant was a juvenile"

Since nearly half of all homicide offenders are 24 or under, the exclusion of juvenile arrests and convictions is thus likely to substantially undercount the actual arrest and conviction record. This also doesn't include arrests or convictions that the state effectively expunged or never logged, for instance because someone was allowed a "deferred adjudication," which is essentially probation in lieu of a conviction, so that no conviction would be entered if the probation is finished with no observed violations. Note that these numbers have been increasing in the past decades, though I can't tell whether this is because changes in who commits crimes, changes in criminal apprehension rates, or changes in states' keeping good track of criminal histories.


The April eJournal is up on the website ( John Farnam gives the feature interview this month, and his thoughts on rifles for armed citizens are very informative.

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew