Advanced Training 4 - Sept 11, 2a-6p Teaches shooting on the move, multiple targets at varying ranges and angles, many other skills. This will be the last AT-4 for 2010.

Advanced Training 2A Home Defense Tactics Sept 15, 7-10p. Offered in a student's home in South Austin. Learn how to do a security assessment of your home and practice building search and low light handgun skills using red guns in a real residence.

Advanced Training 2 - Sept 18, 9a-5p. AT-2 is the most important class we offer. Being able to draw from concealment and shoot with sufficient speed, accuracy, and power to win is important, but of more importance is the ability to observe, communicate and interact with armed and unarmed attackers, bystanders, family, friends and first responders. AT-2 teaches these non-shooting skills through a combination of classroom discussion and scenarios. The scenarios are live action simulations of likely situations students might encounter at home and in public. 50% of the scenarios are conducted indoors using non-firing "red guns", the other 50% are conducted using Airsoft guns so that students get experience gunfighting live opponents that can think, move, communicate and shoot back. This class provides opportunities to find out what you would do in a real situation, and practice making the right decisions and performing the right responses. Every person that is armed for self defense should take this course. Due to the complexity of conducting this class, we only offer it twice a year. This will be the last AT-2 offered in 2010.

Why is AT-2 so important? Situations like these:


A bicyclist in South Austin was attacked by 3 armed men who robbed, shot and planned to execute him.


(from Pflugerville, TX - A Pflugerville father, who fired 15 shots out his front door fatally killing 18-year-old Daquan Wilson, told police that a group of teens had threatened his life and his family's safety. Joseph A, 32, went to W---- Playground to pick up his stepdaughter who was hanging out with another male teen. A. got into a verbal confrontation with the teen, who allegedly threatened A's life. A dismissed the threat thinking that he was just a kid. After returning to their home, A told police that they received phone calls asking where they lived and another call stating that "they are going to shoot who ever opens the door." 20 minutes after the phone calls, A noticed six or seven teenagers walking up to his residence. A recognized one of the teens as the boy in the park who had threatened him. Police say, A went inside his home, locked the front door and told his family to get in the back of the house. The teens began banging on the door and were yelling for A to come out.

According to the police affidavit, A thought they were going to come into his home, so he got a 9mm gun and fired 15 rounds through the front door. He told police that he wanted to scare the teens and didn't intend to shoot anyone. Wilson was one of the teens in front of the house and was struck in the chest by one of the bullets. He was rushed to Round Rock Medical Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police say that A took his handgun and placed it under his dresser and then picked up all the spent shell casings. He also told police that he didn't even know that he hit someone until police told him. A said that everything happened so fast that he didn't have time to call the police.

Anderson has been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter in the death of Daquan Wilson.

KR commentary: This is a textbook example of the kind of mistakes people make when their total self defense plan is "have a gun and know how to shoot it". It's important to understand what good tactics are, how to make legally justifiable use of force decisions, and what to do and say after you've been involved in a lethal confrontation. CHL classes cover these topics, but AT-2 enables you to learn by doing.


A CHL holder driving a vehicle on Mopac responds to an aggresive driver by shooting at him.

KR commentary: Another example of "have a gun" self-defense planning resulting in bad decisions, arrest and criminal charges against the CHL holder. In general, the right answer for any vehicle situation is to drive and call 911, not shoot, as long as the vehicle is capable of movement. To quote trainer John Farnam: don't go somewhere with a gun that you wouldn't go without a gun. The gun is only the option when all other practical, reasonable options are no longer possible.


Bryan convenience store clerk, wearing concealed Glock, makes good decisions, gets good hits, gets help from armed neighbor.


A review of a law enforcement shooting in which it took 22 rounds to stop the attacker

NYC man survives 23 gunshot wounds. .


Video of a convenience store robbery. It appears to take the armed clerk more than 5 seconds to draw from a pocket and then the attacker's reaction to being shot appears to be mainly psychological since there is no physical reaction to being shot.

KR commentary: A pocket gun is better than no gun at all, but just barely. Consider alternatives: what if the clerk had grabbed a baseball bat, or had a larger caliber, higher capacity handgun that could be accessed more quickly?


Please plan on attending the General Membership Meeting, Thursday, AUGUST 19TH at 7:00 PM in the Education Building at ARC.

Virgil Tripp started building custom 1911 pistols in 1980. Skillful shooters used these pistols to win and place highly in local, national and world competitions. In 1987 Virgil designed and manufactured the industry’s first 1911 EDM hammers and sears. Now, gunsmiths could build great predictable trigger jobs without the grief of starting with substandard parts. The polymer titanium trigger that is still sold today was Virgil’s next design. More parts were considered and things began to escalate. A company was born. It was Tripp Research. The modular STI frame was on the horizon, and it was during this time that Virgil learned the details of 1911 reliability tuning. After much work, the popular modular frame was created. Virgil and Shari changed the company name to STI. Today, STI International is known throughout the world for its handguns and handgun products.

The Range Officer class is set for August 21-22 and there is still room if you are interested.  I encourage shooters to take the class as it will enrich your knowledge of our sport as well as make you a better shooter.  Check with Chris Errett for more information, his email:

All falling steel match on Sunday, August 22.  USPSA format all falling steel.  Usual round count is 100 rounds.  It may be shot with a shotgun or a pistol or both. 

August 28th: Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED Training and Standard First Aid Emergency Care training. $100. Contact to register.

Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club will be running a big match on August 29, 2010 at ARC.  In the spirit of the good guys who put on the Coleman 4H Match in Coleman, TX, ALSPPC will be hosting a fundraiser for the Travis County 4H Shooting Sports organization.  We’re expecting five 40 round stages of pure unadulterated shooting fun.  Lots of running and gunning for a great group of kids that would benefit from our support.  There will be food and drinks and several of their members have volunteered to help with the match.  The match fee is $40.00.  Scores will be done on site and we expect to hand out awards.  STI has graciously shown its generosity by sponsoring the match with some great prizes.  I have a few 1911 slides, hammers/sear packs and some grips among other stuff.  The prize table will be a random drawing prize table and I expect it to grow significantly. 


KR Training assistant instructor Brian Brown is shown in a photo from a recent Travis County Search and Rescue training exercise

Tactical Arts instructor and KR Training student Leslie Buck recently attended and passed the Rangemaster Instructor Training course. The Rangemaster course goes beyond the material in NRA Instructor training classes, requiring a higher level of shooting proficiency, technical knowledge and classroom presentation skills to pass.

Defensive Pistol Skills 2 review from JT.

KR Training students re-launch their website as Tactical Gun Review - prices reduced on ammo!

Force Science News - great source of knowledge about psychology and use of force issues

Video of stages from the recent Tulsa Pro-Am, including commentary, from KR Training Team shooter Nathan Taylor

IPSC Grand Master, police officer, and law enforcement trainer Ron Avery wrote an excellent article on concealed carry interaction with law enforcement for Police One

Trainer Michael deBethancourt wants your old DVDs to help the troops in Afghanistan
"My friend Sergeant Bill D. of the Maynard (MA) Police department is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Every week or so he will ask me for something small that will either help him get his job done or fill in some of the time away from his family.
If you have a DVD film you wouldn't mind parting with and that I could send off to Bill and his staff I would be forever grateful." ship to: 8 Kingsbury Lane, North Billerica, MA 01862

Article from Claude Werner on how to improve sights on your snub revolver

Joe Schram is offering dove hunt warm up shotgun clinics at his facility north of Austin


Willow Hole Cowboy Action club starting up in the Bryan/College Station area

The Astro Shooting Range folks contacted me and asked me let everyone know "We are open for business. Rumors that we have closed are false."

The new range in Liberty Hill is now open. Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club has already held one "multi-gun" (pistol/rifle/shotgun) match there.


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I am playing this Saturday night (Aug 21) at Luigis in College Station, 7-10 pm. Acoustic jazz. Sample audio from a 2008 Luigi's show.

I will performing with Java Jazz at Austin's Nutty Brown Cafe during the jazz brunch, Sunday, August 29, from 11-2. Electric jazz. Sample video showing Karl w/ Java Jazz at Nutty Brown

First Friday, Village Cafe, Bryan, Texas with Leannasaurus Rex, Sept 3, 8-11. Texas blues jam band. Sample LSRX video

Palace Theatre, Bryan, Texas, with Midnight Express, Friday, Sept 10, 8-11. Classic rock cover band w/ horns (Chicago, Steely Dan, and more). Sample video from last week's show at Lake Bryan

Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew